Saturday, December 25, 2010

Getting locked out

Uh! This weekend while my friends went home for Christmas I am feeding their cats and fish.  Well as I was leaving their house this morning I was thinking "oh do I have the key? sure would suck for the cats if I locked myself outta their house." As I left the house tonight I thought "oh do I have my keys? I need them to drive and it sure would suck if I was locked outta my house."
Clearly these thoughts are bad luck and I should have never had them.
Well when I arrived at the kitty feeding house I thought "oh I'll just leave the car running. I'll be quick in and out and let the car warm up more." Went in fed the animals came out pulled on my door handle. oh damn! Locked out. Stupid always instinctivly locking my doors! So there I am house locked-key in car, car locked-key in ignition. Grrr. No way of possibly breaking into either of them on my own.
$80 later my car was unlocked. (of course they had to follow me back to my house to get their $80)
I should prolly get a hide-a-key

In better news I finished all of my reflections for my certification portfolio today, I just need to scan in my evaluation forms and put it all together.

Hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas with better luck than me! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Stupid Oven Door

We have had this little problem where we can't quite open the oven door all the way because it hits on the trim around the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Well this evening, I made myself a frozen pizza when I put it in I just shoved it in carefully without going through the trouble of pulling the door over to open it all the way.  So when it was time to take it out I knew I needed to open it all the way to slide the pizza onto the cardboard. Well, I yanked a little to hard I guess (sometimes I forget my own strength) and the door fell half off. I couldn't get it back on and ended up talking the whole thing off, hoping it'd be easier to get it back on. No such luck. Oh well, I guess they'll be no baking for awhile. Strictly stove top and microwave cooking.
On another note Merry Christmas to all. I will be spending the holiday with some much needed time all to myself and hopefully accomplishing a large chunk of my portfolio so I can actually graduate and doing some house cleaning (my room is rather smelly, laundry is well overdue!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flutter Christmas and Getting Stuck in the Snow

Our Christmas Tree

Our Pig/Childhood ornament tree

Joy likes to separate the NOEL train and make it into jibberish

My car at 10:20am
Joy has scolded me multiple times for not getting on here and writing so here I am - with pictures. Life has been busy with the semester winding down and the holidays approaching. But no more excuses.

First, our house is finally decorated for Christmas! I love Christmas and it's probably my favorite time of the year. There's something so peaceful about reflecting on the real meaning of Christmas and the feeling of calmness in the air. Today is very quiet since the snow storm has been blowing through. I hear we might get over 2 feet by the time it's gone through our area. That's a lot of snow!

Speaking of snow, I should probably explain my family's genetic predisposition for going out during major snowstorms. For some reason growing up I can always remember having school cancelled, the roads barely plowed out, and winter advisories not to leave the house and my parents thinking it was a wise idea to go see a movie, see what's in town, or even go and grab some pizza. I wish I knew why. I mean, who else in their right minds would get stuck on the side of the road with a snow blower in the back of their minivan....yup none other than the Seaborg's. I guess I take a little bit after them, however I was wise enough to decide not to go to Minneapolis to go Christmas shopping. Yesterday I knew the storm was coming and I had no food for the weekend yet I was too lazy to go to the grocery store. So I wait until today during the peak of the storm. Even though our driveway had just been plowed out I managed to get stuck backing out. My kind neighbors helped push my car out and I was on my way to the grocery store. I barely made it. I almost got stuck in the parking lot and in the middle of the road. Fun times. Thankfully I stocked up on all the necessities to get me through a blizzard: a little bit of food, beverages, and liquor. I'm all set.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Kat and I are both still in River Falls for the holiday.  Kat was going to go home but long story short, her dad isn't home, her brother is sick and so her family isn't doing anything for Thanksgiving and her mom didn't want her getting sick. My family will be having Thanksgiving on Saturday and I had to work last night and tomorrow.

So this morning I wake up and I hear Kat talking to someone. And I'm like oh, did Kat decide to invite some friends over this morning or did someone just show up? Then I hear them leave and Kat comes in my room to tell me that some family just dropped off a Thanksgiving dinner donation. I'm like what? How do they know we're here without families and turkey on Thanksgiving? She asked them if they were sure it was for us. They said our address was the right one.  Kat told them well we've got stuff for the people who lived here before (see George (pronounced in fancy spanish)) They said well we have to leave it, so Happy Thanksgiving and left us a large box.

The box included a complete Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, Potatoes, Stuffing, Corn, Gravy, Rolls, Sweet Potatoes, Cornbread Muffins, Pumpkin pie, Cool Whip, a gallon of Punch,

and when I say complete, I mean those are even butter packets included!

So we assume that it is from a Church group and was intended for previous tenants but what are ya gunna do when someone shows up at your door on Thanksgiving with a complete dinner? Eat it? Yeah!
I just hope it's not some kind of trick and we have an enemy trying to poison us. Guess we'll find out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kat's Directionaly Challengedness

I just read the weather report to Kat and she's trying to figure out where we are relative to what I read.  So I try to get her to picture campus. We have a building called North Hall, which is the only campus building on the North side of Cascade Avenue and South Hall is directly across the street.  On either side of campus is where the dorms are located, people commonly say they live on either the east or west side.
Our conversation:
*Joy reads weather report- snow and sleet north of line between Hudson and Chippewa Falls with freezing rain and sleet to the south.*
Joy: oh, so we aren't even getting the snow :(
*Kat tries to talk out our location relative to what I just read.*
Joy: We're south of Hudson
Kat: OH!
Joy: Kat, where is North Hall?
Kat: On the other side of the street
Joy: And where is South Hall?
Kat: on the other side
Joy: And what is considered the East side of campus?
*Kat thinks a little*
Kat: oh like by Crabtree and those down there
(she is correct)
I actually knew that cause I was a tour guide.
Joy: oh geeze, really, you were a tour guide and you still can't figure this out?
Kat: well actually I never put that together before.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sidewalk Chalkin

So there I am watching Tom and Jerry, (like any 21 and 4 half year old avoiding all the homework she should be doing) when Kat comes along insisting that it is time for us to go out and draw on our sidewalk with my sidewalk chalk. So we did, here are the photos from our fun


Kat says "is it too gay if I write Joy and Kat love here"
Well of course that's real gay, write it anyway!
We traced our hands and feet, then decided to make our hands into turkeys.
Our landlord pays the guy in the other half of the duplex to do the grounds-keeping work such as ya know, raking leaves. As you can tell he works hard for the money.  We can't wait to see how long it takes before he cracks out the snow blower once the snow comes!

P.S. We'd appreciate all of our RF friends come visit and use the front door so you can admire our work!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

She's finally a whole educator!

Well kids, Joy finally completed her duty of student teaching. I remember her countdown going by and everyday she would tell me how she didn't know what she was going to teach about. Now she's done and she doesn't have to worry anymore. Instead she's going to finish the semester by being a slave to Menards. They work her hard! Anyways, I just wanted to say how proud I am of my Joy-Joy. She did it!!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Remember Kids, Don't do anything weird with strangers!

Friday evening I went to Valley Scare at Valley Fair with the FFA kids.  It was real good, I'm not one for the roller coasters, but they had haunted houses that us older people went through, and they were good. The best part was prolly the grown man (a tad on the larger side and hairy) wearing a diaper in "The Assylum" it was hilarious.
Anyway, on to the purpose of the post... when we arrived, of course you have to go through the rules and talk about safety, ya know, stay in groups etc. Well my cooperating teacher is going over these things and he says "don't be walking up to strangers and do anything...weird" An important tidbit, I think we should all keep in mind!
Now onto figuring out what I will be doing in class for the final 3 days...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Camping in the Living Room

Happy Birthday Kat!!

Friday evening, Kat was laying on the floor in the living room and she says "I think I might just live on the living room floor this weekend." So I'm like ok, whatever. And then somehow the idea of making tents out of blankets came up and Kat got all excited about the idea and asked if I would do it with her for her birthday this weekend. Which of course I was excited about and said HECK YES! She had to ask like three times and make sure I wasn't being fake excited and mocking her. Of course I wasn't I really wanted to.  (Rachel (my former roomie) and I were supposed to do that together because we once started a list of "100 ways to make love without doing it" (no, we aren't like that, we just did it for for and cause we had already done a bunch of things when we first found the list) and one of things was to recreate childhood memories and that's the memory I wanted to recreate. But we never did get around to it. Yet.)
Kat checking out the inside of the new tent
Well, anyway Friday night after I got home from work Kat and I made a tent in the living room and slept on the floor.  But it was too hard and uncomfortable for me so I got up at about 5 am and went to my bed.
So Saturday night, we built the tent over the click clack (futon) and slept on that.
The stellar tent
 We also roasted mini marshmallows over a pumpkin pie candle. It was pretty awesome.

You can pretend to not be jealous but we know you are. Don't even pretend you didn't make tents/forts out of blankets as a child!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Weekend

Last night I had plans to go with Joy to a haunted corn maze. I'm a terrible person and it's an hour away so I didn't go. (I'm sorry Joy!!!) Instead I went to Katie's and we had plans to watch the Wild game with another friend. Well, long story short two of her friends in River Falls wanted us to come over to their grill out so we did. We get there and we're going over the introductions, having a couple of drinks, watching the game and waiting for food. We were also forwarned about this couple that was going to be making an appearance at their house and she allegedly beat him up not too long ago. Kinda crazy. Katie was extremely excited to see this couple and maybe she had a little too much to drink or she has a hidden violent streak in her, but she was making bets on who would win if another fight were to occur. So, along with the girlfriend coming in was an older lady. It was sort of a weird combination. This woman was apparently only 50, but she looked like she was in her 60s. Her memory wasn't so great because she introduced herself to us all on multiple occassions and asked what my major was twice within about 5 minutes. She was petting one of the guy's chest (yup, it was creepy) and when this guy got out of his chair she sat down in it and was excited by how warm it was. She kept proclaiming she doesn't normally drink this much (yeah right) and hasn't drank in about 3 years (doubtful). She was hilarious without even meaning to be. In fact we had a nice heart to heart about her lazy daughter. It was fabulous.
The guys' house we were at were pretty funny too. Katie was trying to play match maker and asking them a million questions about what they look for in a girl. You learn alot about someone while they are drinking. I guess some guys aren't into cankles, girls with annoying laughs, or big purses. The rule of thumb is if a purse can fit a poodle then it's too big. I didn't know that. Also, I've come to the realization that I may be a bit blunt. I just say things. Like somehow the conversation of friends dating people each other have dated came up. I don't get how people do that and after awhile they are like a buffet. I guess my mouth has no filter.

<3 Katrin

P.S. My birthday is in one week.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Student Teaching Adventures

I have two student teaching stories from the past two days:

One: I am a bad person.
This is an awful story that maybe I shouldn't share so publicly but I'm gunna anyway. Ready for this? It's pretty bad...

I hit a student.

Told ya it was bad!

Let me set the stage:
It is homecoming week at school. So the kids are all riled up. Especially right after lunch.
Thursday I was having my final student teacher observation (when my professor comes to watch me teach).  I didn't have my professor that I usually do, I had the one who makes me even more nervous.
I haven't really taught much in the landscaping class (which was the one being observed) other than when my cooperating teacher was out last week. So I'm real nervous.

My professor said he was coming between 12-12:10 for the class that started at 12:25 so I waited inside while the rest of the school was outside for the powder puff football game during the lunch hour.
As students come in each day we have them mark their name off on the Promethean board (what is a Promethean board?) for attendance.

The story:
I got the attendance set up and ready. At around 12:15 I heard students coming down the hall and some commotion out there.  Then a student walks in tracking water and I'm like what is going on? Evidently the pool that was set up in the shop broke and flooded into the hall.
(Oh Great!)
Then a student is standing at the Promethean board  marking off all the names. My cooperating teacher happen to be standing right there and yelled at him then reset the names. Students continued checking their names.
One student had the pen and was trying to mark off his name but another kid was playing with the mouse making the screen scroll up and down. So to me it looked like the kid with the pen was just hitting off any names (which he unintentionally kinda was).  I exclaimed "cut it out!" as I without thinking, for whatever stupid reason hit him on the back of his shoulder.
(Oh shit! What did I just do!?)
The kid was "like what the? you just hit me?"
I started apologizing like no other and getting concerned about my professor walking in at any moment. The kid went and sat down and was talking about suing me (only joking I think/hope) but I told him I would buy him a candy bar and with high schoolers bribery is everything, so he said okay and quieted down about it.
Then my professor finally showed up.
So I got on with starting class.  I was pretty worked up about the whole attendance taking thing so I had to start off with scolding the class. I went over the expectations for the day and we headed out to the work site where the students are working on a landscaping job.
When we were out at the site the kid came over to me when my professor wasn't around and I was apologizing again and he was like oh "I feel bad cause we were talking about it when your teacher was in there I don't wanna get you in trouble." And I was like "no don't worry about it, it's my problem I shouldn't have done that."
I'm SO lucky that he was just joking around about it and didn't want to get me in trouble. There are so many people that would throw a fit, exaggerate how hard they were hit, and really would try to sue.
I guess it was just nervous energy. Sasha says it was like motherly instinct, when the kids doing something wrong ya swat them outta there. Maybe I just have a real bad temper that I should control before trying to be a teacher.
Also luckily my professor didn't know about it.
To sum up Hitting students is a bad, embarrassing, and stupid thing to do.
Good thing I only have 13 school days left.

Two: The innocence of a 7 year old
Today I was helping the FFA kids set up for the football concessions.
My cooperating teacher had run to the store to pick up supplies. Instead of getting sour cream for the taco in a bag he accidentally got cool whip.
When the kids asked him about it he laughed and tossed it into the back seat of his car. A little while later he and his wife said they were leaving to go eat. The kids of course being high schoolers start laughing about them going to eat their whip cream in the car.
After a while when my cooperating teacher came back his 7 year old daughter was in the concession stand with the FFA kids and someone asked about where he was and someone said something about "oh, they went to eat, their cool whip ya know" and the 7 year old daughter says "no, they just came"
Naturally laughter erupted from the kids. I just sat their thinking oh my goodness, this poor 7 year old has no idea what is so funny and she is the one who threw out the punch line!

So an hour and a half later I am fed and have my stories shared with the world. Hope you enjoyed the stories.
Possibly probably the worst student teacher in history,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We Are All Children of God

Last Sunday Joy and I went to church like the good little girls we are. Well, we try. The message was about how we size up people based on their looks or clothing or anything. The pastor reminded us that we shouldn't judge because we are all children of God. Good message. So, on the way back to our place we were waiting at the light on Main St. Joy was talking about something and me and my ADD were off in our own world. I look to my right to see a guy walking his two little dogs down the side walk. That alone is fine however, it was only around 70 degrees and the guy had no shirt on. Again, possibly fine if it wasn't for the fact he was overweight with his belly hanging over. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse it did. Oh baby he bent over to pick up the dog terds. Joy and I naturally burst into laughter until we realized a couple of things: 1) We apparently learned nothing at church and 2) We are all children of God!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good friends febreeze each other!

Last night I was at the Amery FFA aglympics and hayride event.  The odor of skunk was thick in the air last night, so thick in fact that I brought some of it home with me.  Well it was Melissa's birthday, so I decided I would go out for a couple drinks with her. Well when I got home I realized I smelt a little skunky myself. But of course, since we all know "good friends febreeze each other" (this quote dates back approximately 3 years ago by Rachel Rahmlow) Kat febreezed me down, I changed my shirt and used some girly smelly spray stuff and headed out. 

While out last night I tried going home after the first bar since I really didn't want to stay out too late.  But Tiffany was having none of that. 
Tiffany: why are you leaving? what better do you have to do?
Joy: I was hoping to get up for church tomorrow.
Tiffany: Why do you need to go to church?
Joy: To praise Jesus.
(Tiffany rolls eyes)
Joy: Don't you roll your eyes at Jesus!
Who rolls their eyes at Jesus? Thats just not nice! Well I stayed out for a little while but after about 2 1/2 drinks I was getting to tired to stand anymore and finally got Tiffany's approval to go home.
Tonight we are going to Buca di Beppos in St. Paul for Melissa's birthday. If you don't know Buca's is a chain of Itailian restaurants that serves family style meals. And its so yummy! There is also a special surprise there involved but I can't mention it yet. Its going to be so wonderfully fun and delicious! I can't wait to get my food coma on!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Kat may get angry at me for posting an HP countdown on our blog but, I'm not real concerned. She has this problem of not believing in magic. Silly muggle. I feel a little bad that I now have two countdowns, she should really get something to look forward to in life huh? Well her birthday is coming up, perhaps we should start a countdown for that.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, I'm a belcher, a darn good belcher really. Kat and I are sitting in our office, and I just had a gaseous moment it was the low rumbling deep in the chest sorta belch (quite long too actually) not my normal loud obnoxious belch (like I just had as I type). Kat is having company over tomorrow so my release of gas made her a tad fearful of me being in the presence of her company.

Kat: Are you going to control yourself tomorrow?
Joy: oh... is that going to be an issue?
Kat: well maybe just don't have the really loud ones or anything.
Joy: so what I just did is fine
Kat: well yeah if your in your room or something so if he's "like what is that?" I can just say "oh I think the neighbors have a pit-bull or something"

And since we're on the subject of gas I would like to put out a warning to everyone: Do not eat a large bowl of ice cream too close to bed time such as I did last night.  I had such a rotten stomachache when I woke up this morning I could barely move. But finally I pushed a few good burps out and started to feel well enough to be off to another day of high school.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Funny Quotes

We've already shared a few of our funny quotes so I decided to make an entry and add onto it.

October 4, 2010
(First, it's important for anyone who doesn't know that Joy is 1/2 through her last 1/4 of student teaching.)
Me: "Out of all of this matrial he's only going to pick two questions and we have to write about one." (I was looking at a class study guide)
Joy: "He just wants to make sure you know the material You see Kat, I'm an educator..."
Me: "Actually, you're 3/4 of an educator."

October 10, 2010 (weird!)
Me: "You wouldn't want me even if you were a lesbian?"
Joy: "No, you're too bony."

October 12, 2010
Joy: "I have a beautiful voice. Angels cry when they hear it. Oh wait, that could mean it's bad too."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Joy is a meanie?

I love Joy. Don't get me wrong. However, she has a mouth like no other. Sticks and stones may break my butt! Just about a minute or so ago we were talking about stupid decisions we've made in life. Joy actually said, "Well, my biggest mistake was moving in with you!" She seriously did say that but I know deep down she was joking because there are moments when I know she has a heart. For example, she called me her special friend. I love joy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stupid Questions

Today Kat and I were laying out in the sun on the hood of my car just chattin and Kat was talking about asking stupid questions and I was like how do you you mean? She gave the example like she said  something about how she actually likes hockey and even has this Alaska hockey shirt and someone asked oh where'd you get that. She got it in Alaska. (they had previously talked about her recent trip there). But she admitted to doing the same thing all the time and feeling like an idiot because of it.
This is a conversation we had this evening:
Joy: Are we going to go to a haunted house?
Kat: For Halloween?
Joy: No, for Thanksgiving!
Kat: See, its those stupid questions.

Whatever, It's the Weekend

Well, as you know from Joy's entry on Friday we got to see our old besty Rachel. So, Friday as you can imagine was an adventerous night consiting of Rachel drunk dialing my brother, kareokee, a ride in a limo and pretty much everything in between. I've literally had no life for quite some and it was great to see old friends and let loose a little.

Last night I attended one of my good friend's birthday/husband's going away party. We met up a place called PINZ which has an arcarde, lazer tag, bowling, and a restaurant/bar. A bunch of her friends came and we bowled for a couple of hours. I learned that I'm a truly awful bowler. Gutters were my thing for quite a few frames. However, I did get a couple of spares and on multiple occasions I almost had strikes but that last pin never wanted to fall for me. It was still a blast. A couple of us came back to their house to hang out and watch season 1 of "The Office" which I got her for her birthday. I was never really a fan but I have to admit that it was pretty funny. We watched all of the season and stayed up until infinity. I'm kind of curious to find out what happens throughout the series now.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend and I haven't had this much fun in a very long time. I got to kick some butt in lazer tag and get creamed in bowling as well as meet some really great people which I hope to see again. As for my Joy-Joy she went home for her niece/nephew's birthday party. Now I have to try and get my head out of the clouds and get some studying done. We'll see about that.

Kitty Kat

Friday, September 24, 2010

Everyday Objects

You may have noticed Kat's reference to my problems with everyday objects, let me explain why she says this.  First off Kat has this brita water filter pitcher, and sometimes, ok, most times I try to pour from it I tend to spill.
Also the light switch in the bathroom makes me angry. It's one of these stupid side switch dealy-o's. So whenever I walk into the room I reach in and try to do the traditional flip the switch up. I sometimes flip the switch outside the bathroom up while walking into the bathroom, I have no idea why.  It's a struggle for me. Kat labeled the switches for me but thats not real helpful, cause its not that I don't know what the switches are for, I just follow instincts.
One weekend Kat went away (actually every weekend, except this one when I'm leaving), and I was lost because you see most of the items in the house are Kat's and she did most of the moving in before I moved in (shes a great roommate to have if you couldn't tell yet). Well first I needed to use a measuring cup, I searched the kitchen high and low and couldn't find one :( I wanted to watch a movie but couldn't figure out how  to get the dvd player to play into the tv. I wanted to turn a lamp on and couldn't figure out how to. Basically, my first weekend without Kat was a little rough.
But Kat has her struggles too, she told me that the mirror in the bathroom wasn't a cabinet when we first looked at the place.  Well one night I was brushing my teeth and I was looking at the mirror and I'm like hey there's hinges there. Sure shit opened that medicine cabinet right up and let Kat know what a fool she was.
It's ok we'll struggle together.
Peace out bitches (Rachel demanded that I end that way)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

George (pronounced in fancy Spanish)

First, let me explain our name - Flutter Friends. Joy and I have been playing Mario Party 8 on the Wii and we always pick the same characters of Yoshi and Toadette. The computer assigns us the team name of Flutter Friends everytime so we ran with it. And that's the story.

Life with Joy in our happy duplex has been going well. We get along great partially because we both go to bed early like grannies, like the same music, love the Wii, and we go way back so of course we love each other (again, not in a lover kind of way). We haven't even been here a month but it feels like longer. We found the place and moved in all within a few days and it's felt like home ever since. We've both been so busy with school that we really haven't had any parties or get togethers yet. However that doesn't mean we haven't had some excitement.

Since no one is really reading this and therefore haven't seen our house I'll give you a brief layout. It's a side by side duplex in a residential neighborhood. Upstairs we have our kitchen, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms. In the basement we have our office, laundry room, and recreation room. We are both thrilled to finally have a washer and dryer even though they are from the mid 1980s. But hey, college kids can't be picky. Joy had the honors of christening the washing machine. I believe she washed just a pillow and a light blanket (yes, this is relevant). We were upstairs in our rooms unpacking and what-not and out of no where it sounded like a tone deaf marching band was practicing in our basement! Joy was all, whatever I'll let Kat check it out. She's great at doing work for me. So naturally I went down to check out what could possibly be wrong. Sure enough our washing machine decided it didn't like being against the wall and moved a good five feet towards the middle of the room. It must just really hate Joy because it hasn't done that for me (or it's not good with bulky items). Evil machine.

Ready for story number two? You see all of these signs in stores for safety recalls on various products. I understand a lot of the toy ones and some don't make sense, like sink stoppers. If you want to talk about a well deserved safety recall then look no further than our closet doors. We dont' have legitimate doors. We have those sliding ones that fall off their tracks. I thought it was just another one of Joy's problems dealing with everyday objects but no, these doors are awful. A couple days ago I was simply trying to shut (slide?) the doors in place and BAM. The one door fell of it's track. I pulled on it and it fells and cut into the top of my foot badly enough where I'm going to have a scar. So I attempted to fit it back on its tracks and I was halfway there. Out of frustration I kicked the bottom of the door back into place. It worked because the door got back on track but then my kicking the door knocked the door behind it out of place. Long story short after fitting into my closet with all the clothes I was able to get both doors back on track and functioning properly. Well, until just a few minutes ago when I shut the door and it fell off AGAIN! Atleast I'll have something to do tomorrow.

Now to my title story. Last Thursday night Joy and I stayed up way past our bedtime (around 10:30). I was half asleep when I hear a pounding noise on our door or the neighbors'. I creep out into the hallway and peek out into the living room. I see two people walking around our yard. I said, "Joy, there are people in our yard." She said, "Maybe they'll go away." They didn't. They started shining lights into our living room and knocking on the door again. At this point I demand Joy to come out with me. Like a good roommate she complies. They finally ring the doorbell and we turn on the lights and open the door. Odly enough there are two police officers standing there. They ask for George (pronounced in fancy Spanish). I guess I didn't make much sense because I was like "yeah, no he doesn't live here." "Can we talk to him?" "Yeah..." as I step out the door. I thought he asked if he could talk to us apparently and I was thinking to myself, well sure since you got me out of bed at 11pm. Basically they were looking for George because they had a warrant out for him. We told the officers we just moved in and we've been forwarding their mail and we could give them our landlord's number. They told us that was okay and they would make a note so no one would come and bother us again. Good times.

In recent news we got our "new" refridgerator. Our old one was loud but not bad, that is until it started leaking. Our landlord told us there was an extra that was decent, much quieter and a bit bigger. He must have been mistaken because instead we get one that is smaller, possibly older but thankfully it actually is quiet. Still, I hate the thing. There are no shelves in the freezer, no drawers in the fridge, the seal is old and sticks open, and there just isn't enough room. However, the bright side is that it's quiet. The old one sounded like the A/C was running. Don't get me started about that...

Hopefully I won't have any more complaints/adventures anytime soon. I'm sure Joy will have plenty of excitement tomorrow.

<3 Katrin

The Beginning

This summer Kat tells me that she may be coming back to River Falls this semester.  It was a big secret and I wasn't allowed to tell anyone, which was a little tough, but I didn't squeal.  So then she was back and forth and all wishy washy so I says well if you want we could live together if you came back. Thats when the fun began.
We started apartment hunting. Kat did all the work I just went along with things. She went through all the hard work of looking for places and calling the crazy people.  One day she comes up to look at apartments in the morning (since I had to work in the afternoon).
First stop Lake Geoge Place (we were really skeptical about this "lake" cause we didn't know the swampy backwaters were a lake). This guy told Kat that he just leaves the open apartment unlocked for people to go look at them.  We didn't find the unlocked one, but did do some window peeking, they looked decent from what we could see.
We moved on to check out other places just from the outside while we waited for our appointment times. One got scratched right away cause Kat thought it was far too "ghettofabulous" for us, I think is how she put it.  The next looked decent so we decided to continue our pursuits with it.
Then we went back to Lake George and actually bumped into the landlord so we went and took a look around in the apartment: way too small we moved on...
Our first appointment. Rule number one of apartment hunting: WEAR YOUR BEST RUNNING SHOES! We go to this place that we were already told we need to have an open mind about it because the husband doesn't even want to show it in the condition it is in.  When we arrive this guy is all mad about this car in the way and asks if its ours, and we're like no, we don't live here.  Well he knew it wasn't someone who lived there. He was just plain rude.  We went and just waited at the end of the drive and then I'm like what if thats the guy? Well sure shit, it was.  So then he realized why we were there and started being polite to us. 
~I should have mentioned we are in a major time crunch, we needed a place to move into by the next week~
The lady Kat talked to said she could definitely get us in but this guys starts telling us no, no, no she doesn't know anything, no way that can happen.  Then he got distracted by a phone call and I turned to Kat and said lets RUN! He came back and asked if we still wanted to see it and we were like um no and left. Quickly.
Then Kat was calling this other guy trying to get us a showing but we coudn't see it cause there was someone sloppy living there and he didn't know for sure if they were leaving.  Well he wanted to "interview" us before we could move in anyway so we could at least do that today.  So we went out to meet him.
Now when I hear pre-rental interview I think a guy with some questions written down, taking down notes.  This guy just wanted to get to know us, just sat down with us in his living room in his lovely home and asked us personal questions about ourselves (not too personal but still it seemed a tad strange) one of his questions was "do you girls like to party?" (he had previously asked Kat this on the phone and I said "does he want us to be?") so Kat actually says to this sweet old guy "Do you want us to be?" He was a really sweet old guy and wanted to work things out for us but the problem was, his heart was too big and he couldn't kick the other person out, so that place didn't work out.
We did find a nice duplex to live in, but there were no real funny stories about finding it.  Just many since we moved in. But I'll save those for another night and for Kat to tell since it is past my bedtime. (yes 9:02 is past my bed time, don't act like you're not impressed!)
Ta ta for now,