Sunday, October 31, 2010

Remember Kids, Don't do anything weird with strangers!

Friday evening I went to Valley Scare at Valley Fair with the FFA kids.  It was real good, I'm not one for the roller coasters, but they had haunted houses that us older people went through, and they were good. The best part was prolly the grown man (a tad on the larger side and hairy) wearing a diaper in "The Assylum" it was hilarious.
Anyway, on to the purpose of the post... when we arrived, of course you have to go through the rules and talk about safety, ya know, stay in groups etc. Well my cooperating teacher is going over these things and he says "don't be walking up to strangers and do anything...weird" An important tidbit, I think we should all keep in mind!
Now onto figuring out what I will be doing in class for the final 3 days...

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