Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Weekend

Last night I had plans to go with Joy to a haunted corn maze. I'm a terrible person and it's an hour away so I didn't go. (I'm sorry Joy!!!) Instead I went to Katie's and we had plans to watch the Wild game with another friend. Well, long story short two of her friends in River Falls wanted us to come over to their grill out so we did. We get there and we're going over the introductions, having a couple of drinks, watching the game and waiting for food. We were also forwarned about this couple that was going to be making an appearance at their house and she allegedly beat him up not too long ago. Kinda crazy. Katie was extremely excited to see this couple and maybe she had a little too much to drink or she has a hidden violent streak in her, but she was making bets on who would win if another fight were to occur. So, along with the girlfriend coming in was an older lady. It was sort of a weird combination. This woman was apparently only 50, but she looked like she was in her 60s. Her memory wasn't so great because she introduced herself to us all on multiple occassions and asked what my major was twice within about 5 minutes. She was petting one of the guy's chest (yup, it was creepy) and when this guy got out of his chair she sat down in it and was excited by how warm it was. She kept proclaiming she doesn't normally drink this much (yeah right) and hasn't drank in about 3 years (doubtful). She was hilarious without even meaning to be. In fact we had a nice heart to heart about her lazy daughter. It was fabulous.
The guys' house we were at were pretty funny too. Katie was trying to play match maker and asking them a million questions about what they look for in a girl. You learn alot about someone while they are drinking. I guess some guys aren't into cankles, girls with annoying laughs, or big purses. The rule of thumb is if a purse can fit a poodle then it's too big. I didn't know that. Also, I've come to the realization that I may be a bit blunt. I just say things. Like somehow the conversation of friends dating people each other have dated came up. I don't get how people do that and after awhile they are like a buffet. I guess my mouth has no filter.

<3 Katrin

P.S. My birthday is in one week.

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