Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, I'm a belcher, a darn good belcher really. Kat and I are sitting in our office, and I just had a gaseous moment it was the low rumbling deep in the chest sorta belch (quite long too actually) not my normal loud obnoxious belch (like I just had as I type). Kat is having company over tomorrow so my release of gas made her a tad fearful of me being in the presence of her company.

Kat: Are you going to control yourself tomorrow?
Joy: oh... is that going to be an issue?
Kat: well maybe just don't have the really loud ones or anything.
Joy: so what I just did is fine
Kat: well yeah if your in your room or something so if he's "like what is that?" I can just say "oh I think the neighbors have a pit-bull or something"

And since we're on the subject of gas I would like to put out a warning to everyone: Do not eat a large bowl of ice cream too close to bed time such as I did last night.  I had such a rotten stomachache when I woke up this morning I could barely move. But finally I pushed a few good burps out and started to feel well enough to be off to another day of high school.

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