Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guess who finally unpacked!

That's right, this girl!
I finally took my day off to be productive and unpack.  All my clothes are now hanging, in my dresser, or in the dirty clothes basket (I only had enough quarters to wash my work clothes today), I even have a semi organized underwear drawer (that's right Kat, I have my underwear in a dresser drawer. The socks however, still live in the tote.)  I have a place for everything and just about everything in its place! Lets be realistic, I'm not the type to really ever have everything in it's place, so almost everything is pretty darn good for me. It only took nearly a month and a half to get there but I can proudly say that the majority of my floorspace is now visible.
Other than that I have nothing exciting to share with the world, just living the dream working at Menards. I've been really slacking in the job search department.  I guess now that I can no longer use the "I should be unpacking" excuse I'll need to get back on that.
Well, I guess that's my monthly update.  Hopefully something more exciting and bloggable (yep, thats a word now) will come about real soon, I know you all live to hear from us ;)