Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boring Updates on My Life

Lately I've been continuing my never ending job hunting process. I've literally applied to around 100 jobs or more and that's not exaggerating. I wish it were. Out of those jobs I've had 1 interview. I'm playing the waiting game to find out if I move on to the next round or not. Job hunting should not feeling like a game show, but it does. This morning I got a call from an agency staffing around the Twin Cities. She has to call me back now. I pray something leads somewhere soon. Everyone tells me the economy is tough. No kidding. Sadly it's' the current state of my generation to have spent a small fortune on getting a degree and we're stuck accepting low-paying jobs that we could have gotten without a degree only a couple of years ago. It's ever so frustrating. However, I have faith things will look up. I mean they better. I had to buy dress clothes and I have no where to wear them otherwise. That would be a waste.