Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Don't Have Much to Say

You would think that Joy and I have nothing going on in our lives because we clearly find nothing worth blogging about anymore. I'm sure we do, but we're busy and writing somehow gets pushed to the back burner. Well, here goes.

As for me, I recently went on vacation to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico with my boyfriend. It was a beautiful place and it felt good to escape the Minnesota cold for a while. During our trip I became scuba certified, swam with dolphins, went on a jet ski, ate dinner at a mansion converted into a restaurant, and went on a pirate ship cruise. It was all incredible! Now, I'm back to the reality of my full-time job (still at the same place) and now I'm half-time with the classes I'm taking. Needless to say I've been keeping busy.

Since I'm oh so busy, I've noticed that I'm rarely home anymore. I suppose this is true for a lot of "young professionals", as we're called. I usually leave the house by 8am, get to work around 8:30, I get done at 5, and I'm home around 5:30ish if traffic is good. If I don't workout on my lunch break or have errands to run, I'm home even later. Not to mention I volunteer every Tuesday night. When I get home I basically prepare myself for the next day, study, and try to spend time with the boyfriend. One thing that I loved about living with Joy was that we rarely had to pick up after each other, and on the occasion we got annoyed we simply said, "Joy/Kat, pick up your junk" (or other suitable words). Life was simple and relatively clean. I lived on my own when I first moved to the cities and this past summer/fall I got a roommate. I do love my roommates because they have always been good friends of mine. I just get easily annoyed by messes, noises, sinks full of dishes, make-up on the counters, and piles of trash. That's partly why I reflect fondly on my time with Joy. She may have her flaws, but that woman knew her place. She only left piles on her own floor, knew how to wash dishes, rarely wore make-up to spill, and took the full trash out on her way to work. What a winner. I'd rather have myself to blame when the place gets messy and living on your own in your early twenties.....ok now mid-twenties, gives you a greater sense of independence and responsibility. Perhaps this next time around I'll downsize my life and get a larger studio. Oh, and a cat.