Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm back and living with unwanted roommates!

Is blogging still a thing do people do this for funsies any more? Well I've got a story to tell fitting in the old theme Kat and began. But before I get to that. Firstly I moved! I'm in a suburb of the Twin Cities, not exactly my ideal place to live but it's tolerable where I am and most importantly it is because.....I GOT A NEW JOB!! No more misery at Menards :) :) :) anyway in the move I'm pretty sure I threw away the piece of paper with various username/passwords on it which made logging on here slightly difficult seeing as the email address was my old school one which I no longer have. But I knew the words in the password it was just a matter of getting the darn number right. And yeah I could have asked Kat but I didn't want her to know what I was up to. I want it to be a surprise/see how long it takes her to find this!
At any rate on to my story. Here I am still living the apartment life by myself. Well one day (in September I think) when I got home from work, I'm opening my blinds when I notice a little mouse just hanging out on my living room floor. Just sitting still like maybe I won't notice it as long as it doesn't move. So there I am trying to get the courage to just pick the thing up by the tail so I can toss it out the patio door. But I could just imagine it struggling and trying to scratch at me and I just couldn't do it. So I did what any logical adult would do. I got a cottage cheese container put it over the top of it and then slid the cover underneath it to close it up. At this point my plan is to take it outside and drop it out of the container off my balcony. so I get out there and I envision it just dropping back onto my balcony or onto me and I don't know I was just freaked out. So I get the container open just a little bit then I freak out and just drop the whole thing down to the ground. And go back into the apartment. Yeah, I littered and I felt bad about it, but I wasn't going to try to pick it up until later, when figured the mouse could have escaped or maybe it died already, but by the time I looked out the next morning it was gone.
Well a few weeks back I had a bag of flour sitting out on my counter and I noticed one morning that something had nibbled at the bottom of the bag and there was a little flour in the area. Uh. About a week ago now I had left a dish sitting on the counter because my dishwasher was running and the next day I see them. On the plate, on the counter, on my floor, mouse turds. Grrr. So now I've set traps and as much as I want to get the stupid little rodents I'm really not looking forward to finding them. Ish. And I put peanut butter in them and the first time I just put it in the little area that was labeled for bait and they somehow managed to eat the peanut butter without tripping the trap! grr! So now I have it spread all over on it and hopefully I'll get the little mongrel. I don't know what has me so freaked out about the stupid little things, but I really don't like them! And to think there was a time when I was a kid I remember adoring white mice at the pet store and wanting them for pets! No that just creeps me out!
I'm not sure how they are getting in or where they are living, which extra creeps me out. I mean what happens when I go to put a shoe on and there is a freaking mouse in there! So basically, I'm just living in fear these days. No fun!