Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things Are Looking Up!

Well folks, I'm no longer unemployed. Thank God!!! After almost 3 months of unemployment I can finally say that I have a job. I signed up with a job agency around the cities and scored an interview with a medical company. They called me back and offered me the job. Today was my second day and so far I love it! I'll just keep praying the new company that bought them over decides to make my position permanent.

I've also been apartment hunting for places in Minneapolis. One of the reasons being my job is in Minnetonka and I'm hoping to go to grad/law school in the cities. I found a place I was satisfied with and plan on signing the lease ASAP.

Here's the sad news - Joy won't be my roommate anymore. :'( Saying I'm sad to infinity won't begin to put how I feel into perspective. She's kinda cool and all and even puts up with my antics. She doesn't want to move anywhere near the cities unfortunately. We'll soon have to figure out what to do with our blog. *sigh*