Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Kat and I are both still in River Falls for the holiday.  Kat was going to go home but long story short, her dad isn't home, her brother is sick and so her family isn't doing anything for Thanksgiving and her mom didn't want her getting sick. My family will be having Thanksgiving on Saturday and I had to work last night and tomorrow.

So this morning I wake up and I hear Kat talking to someone. And I'm like oh, did Kat decide to invite some friends over this morning or did someone just show up? Then I hear them leave and Kat comes in my room to tell me that some family just dropped off a Thanksgiving dinner donation. I'm like what? How do they know we're here without families and turkey on Thanksgiving? She asked them if they were sure it was for us. They said our address was the right one.  Kat told them well we've got stuff for the people who lived here before (see George (pronounced in fancy spanish)) They said well we have to leave it, so Happy Thanksgiving and left us a large box.

The box included a complete Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, Potatoes, Stuffing, Corn, Gravy, Rolls, Sweet Potatoes, Cornbread Muffins, Pumpkin pie, Cool Whip, a gallon of Punch,

and when I say complete, I mean those are even butter packets included!

So we assume that it is from a Church group and was intended for previous tenants but what are ya gunna do when someone shows up at your door on Thanksgiving with a complete dinner? Eat it? Yeah!
I just hope it's not some kind of trick and we have an enemy trying to poison us. Guess we'll find out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kat's Directionaly Challengedness

I just read the weather report to Kat and she's trying to figure out where we are relative to what I read.  So I try to get her to picture campus. We have a building called North Hall, which is the only campus building on the North side of Cascade Avenue and South Hall is directly across the street.  On either side of campus is where the dorms are located, people commonly say they live on either the east or west side.
Our conversation:
*Joy reads weather report- snow and sleet north of line between Hudson and Chippewa Falls with freezing rain and sleet to the south.*
Joy: oh, so we aren't even getting the snow :(
*Kat tries to talk out our location relative to what I just read.*
Joy: We're south of Hudson
Kat: OH!
Joy: Kat, where is North Hall?
Kat: On the other side of the street
Joy: And where is South Hall?
Kat: on the other side
Joy: And what is considered the East side of campus?
*Kat thinks a little*
Kat: oh like by Crabtree and those down there
(she is correct)
I actually knew that cause I was a tour guide.
Joy: oh geeze, really, you were a tour guide and you still can't figure this out?
Kat: well actually I never put that together before.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sidewalk Chalkin

So there I am watching Tom and Jerry, (like any 21 and 4 half year old avoiding all the homework she should be doing) when Kat comes along insisting that it is time for us to go out and draw on our sidewalk with my sidewalk chalk. So we did, here are the photos from our fun


Kat says "is it too gay if I write Joy and Kat love here"
Well of course that's real gay, write it anyway!
We traced our hands and feet, then decided to make our hands into turkeys.
Our landlord pays the guy in the other half of the duplex to do the grounds-keeping work such as ya know, raking leaves. As you can tell he works hard for the money.  We can't wait to see how long it takes before he cracks out the snow blower once the snow comes!

P.S. We'd appreciate all of our RF friends come visit and use the front door so you can admire our work!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

She's finally a whole educator!

Well kids, Joy finally completed her duty of student teaching. I remember her countdown going by and everyday she would tell me how she didn't know what she was going to teach about. Now she's done and she doesn't have to worry anymore. Instead she's going to finish the semester by being a slave to Menards. They work her hard! Anyways, I just wanted to say how proud I am of my Joy-Joy. She did it!!!!!