Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good friends febreeze each other!

Last night I was at the Amery FFA aglympics and hayride event.  The odor of skunk was thick in the air last night, so thick in fact that I brought some of it home with me.  Well it was Melissa's birthday, so I decided I would go out for a couple drinks with her. Well when I got home I realized I smelt a little skunky myself. But of course, since we all know "good friends febreeze each other" (this quote dates back approximately 3 years ago by Rachel Rahmlow) Kat febreezed me down, I changed my shirt and used some girly smelly spray stuff and headed out. 

While out last night I tried going home after the first bar since I really didn't want to stay out too late.  But Tiffany was having none of that. 
Tiffany: why are you leaving? what better do you have to do?
Joy: I was hoping to get up for church tomorrow.
Tiffany: Why do you need to go to church?
Joy: To praise Jesus.
(Tiffany rolls eyes)
Joy: Don't you roll your eyes at Jesus!
Who rolls their eyes at Jesus? Thats just not nice! Well I stayed out for a little while but after about 2 1/2 drinks I was getting to tired to stand anymore and finally got Tiffany's approval to go home.
Tonight we are going to Buca di Beppos in St. Paul for Melissa's birthday. If you don't know Buca's is a chain of Itailian restaurants that serves family style meals. And its so yummy! There is also a special surprise there involved but I can't mention it yet. Its going to be so wonderfully fun and delicious! I can't wait to get my food coma on!

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