Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flutter Christmas and Getting Stuck in the Snow

Our Christmas Tree

Our Pig/Childhood ornament tree

Joy likes to separate the NOEL train and make it into jibberish

My car at 10:20am
Joy has scolded me multiple times for not getting on here and writing so here I am - with pictures. Life has been busy with the semester winding down and the holidays approaching. But no more excuses.

First, our house is finally decorated for Christmas! I love Christmas and it's probably my favorite time of the year. There's something so peaceful about reflecting on the real meaning of Christmas and the feeling of calmness in the air. Today is very quiet since the snow storm has been blowing through. I hear we might get over 2 feet by the time it's gone through our area. That's a lot of snow!

Speaking of snow, I should probably explain my family's genetic predisposition for going out during major snowstorms. For some reason growing up I can always remember having school cancelled, the roads barely plowed out, and winter advisories not to leave the house and my parents thinking it was a wise idea to go see a movie, see what's in town, or even go and grab some pizza. I wish I knew why. I mean, who else in their right minds would get stuck on the side of the road with a snow blower in the back of their minivan....yup none other than the Seaborg's. I guess I take a little bit after them, however I was wise enough to decide not to go to Minneapolis to go Christmas shopping. Yesterday I knew the storm was coming and I had no food for the weekend yet I was too lazy to go to the grocery store. So I wait until today during the peak of the storm. Even though our driveway had just been plowed out I managed to get stuck backing out. My kind neighbors helped push my car out and I was on my way to the grocery store. I barely made it. I almost got stuck in the parking lot and in the middle of the road. Fun times. Thankfully I stocked up on all the necessities to get me through a blizzard: a little bit of food, beverages, and liquor. I'm all set.

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