Saturday, December 25, 2010

Getting locked out

Uh! This weekend while my friends went home for Christmas I am feeding their cats and fish.  Well as I was leaving their house this morning I was thinking "oh do I have the key? sure would suck for the cats if I locked myself outta their house." As I left the house tonight I thought "oh do I have my keys? I need them to drive and it sure would suck if I was locked outta my house."
Clearly these thoughts are bad luck and I should have never had them.
Well when I arrived at the kitty feeding house I thought "oh I'll just leave the car running. I'll be quick in and out and let the car warm up more." Went in fed the animals came out pulled on my door handle. oh damn! Locked out. Stupid always instinctivly locking my doors! So there I am house locked-key in car, car locked-key in ignition. Grrr. No way of possibly breaking into either of them on my own.
$80 later my car was unlocked. (of course they had to follow me back to my house to get their $80)
I should prolly get a hide-a-key

In better news I finished all of my reflections for my certification portfolio today, I just need to scan in my evaluation forms and put it all together.

Hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas with better luck than me! Happy Birthday Jesus!

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