Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beginning

This summer Kat tells me that she may be coming back to River Falls this semester.  It was a big secret and I wasn't allowed to tell anyone, which was a little tough, but I didn't squeal.  So then she was back and forth and all wishy washy so I says well if you want we could live together if you came back. Thats when the fun began.
We started apartment hunting. Kat did all the work I just went along with things. She went through all the hard work of looking for places and calling the crazy people.  One day she comes up to look at apartments in the morning (since I had to work in the afternoon).
First stop Lake Geoge Place (we were really skeptical about this "lake" cause we didn't know the swampy backwaters were a lake). This guy told Kat that he just leaves the open apartment unlocked for people to go look at them.  We didn't find the unlocked one, but did do some window peeking, they looked decent from what we could see.
We moved on to check out other places just from the outside while we waited for our appointment times. One got scratched right away cause Kat thought it was far too "ghettofabulous" for us, I think is how she put it.  The next looked decent so we decided to continue our pursuits with it.
Then we went back to Lake George and actually bumped into the landlord so we went and took a look around in the apartment: way too small we moved on...
Our first appointment. Rule number one of apartment hunting: WEAR YOUR BEST RUNNING SHOES! We go to this place that we were already told we need to have an open mind about it because the husband doesn't even want to show it in the condition it is in.  When we arrive this guy is all mad about this car in the way and asks if its ours, and we're like no, we don't live here.  Well he knew it wasn't someone who lived there. He was just plain rude.  We went and just waited at the end of the drive and then I'm like what if thats the guy? Well sure shit, it was.  So then he realized why we were there and started being polite to us. 
~I should have mentioned we are in a major time crunch, we needed a place to move into by the next week~
The lady Kat talked to said she could definitely get us in but this guys starts telling us no, no, no she doesn't know anything, no way that can happen.  Then he got distracted by a phone call and I turned to Kat and said lets RUN! He came back and asked if we still wanted to see it and we were like um no and left. Quickly.
Then Kat was calling this other guy trying to get us a showing but we coudn't see it cause there was someone sloppy living there and he didn't know for sure if they were leaving.  Well he wanted to "interview" us before we could move in anyway so we could at least do that today.  So we went out to meet him.
Now when I hear pre-rental interview I think a guy with some questions written down, taking down notes.  This guy just wanted to get to know us, just sat down with us in his living room in his lovely home and asked us personal questions about ourselves (not too personal but still it seemed a tad strange) one of his questions was "do you girls like to party?" (he had previously asked Kat this on the phone and I said "does he want us to be?") so Kat actually says to this sweet old guy "Do you want us to be?" He was a really sweet old guy and wanted to work things out for us but the problem was, his heart was too big and he couldn't kick the other person out, so that place didn't work out.
We did find a nice duplex to live in, but there were no real funny stories about finding it.  Just many since we moved in. But I'll save those for another night and for Kat to tell since it is past my bedtime. (yes 9:02 is past my bed time, don't act like you're not impressed!)
Ta ta for now,


  1. Hahaha! You have the best stories ever Joy! Did I meet Kat? Do I get to meet your not-lover?

  2. It sounds like a decent place. Can I come?

  3. Sure Miriam, I would love for you to come visit.