Friday, September 24, 2010

Everyday Objects

You may have noticed Kat's reference to my problems with everyday objects, let me explain why she says this.  First off Kat has this brita water filter pitcher, and sometimes, ok, most times I try to pour from it I tend to spill.
Also the light switch in the bathroom makes me angry. It's one of these stupid side switch dealy-o's. So whenever I walk into the room I reach in and try to do the traditional flip the switch up. I sometimes flip the switch outside the bathroom up while walking into the bathroom, I have no idea why.  It's a struggle for me. Kat labeled the switches for me but thats not real helpful, cause its not that I don't know what the switches are for, I just follow instincts.
One weekend Kat went away (actually every weekend, except this one when I'm leaving), and I was lost because you see most of the items in the house are Kat's and she did most of the moving in before I moved in (shes a great roommate to have if you couldn't tell yet). Well first I needed to use a measuring cup, I searched the kitchen high and low and couldn't find one :( I wanted to watch a movie but couldn't figure out how  to get the dvd player to play into the tv. I wanted to turn a lamp on and couldn't figure out how to. Basically, my first weekend without Kat was a little rough.
But Kat has her struggles too, she told me that the mirror in the bathroom wasn't a cabinet when we first looked at the place.  Well one night I was brushing my teeth and I was looking at the mirror and I'm like hey there's hinges there. Sure shit opened that medicine cabinet right up and let Kat know what a fool she was.
It's ok we'll struggle together.
Peace out bitches (Rachel demanded that I end that way)

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  1. I think we all have our own conflicts with objects: I hate the freezer portion of my fridge and I always manage to hurt myself while emptying the icy cold drawers *appliances hatred*