Wednesday, April 27, 2011


W is for Wii.  When things get boring, Kat and I often turn to the Wii.  We mainly play Mario Party 8, get a some wii sports in (we're pro bowlers), and have recently cracked out the Wii play (Kat loves racing the cows).  We do team battles in Mario party which of course led to the name of our blog since our Yoshi and Toadette team was named Flutter Friends.  We like to make fun of the other team and are really rather mean about it. You have never seen two "grown women" get more upset about losing or even coming close to loosing a silly little video game.
W is also for the Warblers.  They are a glee club on the show Glee (which I love. Yup total Gleek.) I love the group and of course bought their CD to go with the rest of my Glee music collection.  But I'm a little concerned they may not be on the show anymore since one of the lead characters is no longer in the club :(
Kat also insists that W has to be for wasted. Because somebody went out and had a pretty good time Monday night.  And somebody else might have just been in bed until 2 pm.


  1. I'm still old school here- gameboy system and old version of a re-manufactured x-box for my girls to play.

  2. My family in England have a Wii and really rather jealous. I'm hoping to have a Wii by this Christmas!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  3. When the Wii came out, I never thought that I would be interested in getting one but now I am because I want to try the exercising activities and I want to play that Michael Jackson game....or is that for the Xbox?

    I'm sooo not up to date on the video games.

    The Madlab Post