Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Beautiful!

Yup, I made that.
I've been thinking really hard about what to write about for B. Of course there are many topics but none of them interested me all that much. Today I went for a walk on this gorgeous spring day and I was inspired a little. There were spring buds, families for a stroll with their babies, dogs playing with balls in the yard, people riding bikes, and bugs (unfortunately!). I went for a long walk by the river and took pictures. There's so much beauty in spring that I decided to share some of those pictures. For today, B stands for beautiful!

The Swinging Bridge
The River

There you have my adventures from the day. I hope you enjoyed them!

B could also stand for.....boob punch! This is in honor of Joy and our times together. Her sisters will also appreciate that this tradition lives on. For those of you who aren't of aware of what this means, it's basically when you're with your girl friend and you're supposed to say boob punch because you joking (but actually) punch them a little in the boob. I however, am very bad at saying this before I punch Joy's boob. I think she's just accepted that I will never do this technique properly.


  1. "B"eautiful photos of outside. I took a similar walk last week after a couple of weeks of stormy weather.

    Gloria Grandy

  2. The frozen water is cool. And not asking about the boob punch...

  3. Great pictures. I like the nature pictures that some people take and these are some good examples. Nice choice for B post.

  4. wow, what beautiful pictures! :) just stopping by as I decide if I can take this A-Z challenge! ;)