Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for...

is for really?

Do you ever have one of those moments where after something crazy happens you just sit back and say, really?! I've actually had a couple of those moments just this week. Sometimes people's reasoning skills confuse me and innocently enough or not, I get confused. Such is life though.

My most recent moment happened about 5 minutes ago. I'm sitting at work which for those of you who don't know happens to be at my university's student center. I sit at a desk, answer questions, and try to do enough work to earn my keep. I rarely drink soda, however I happen to have some Pepsi throwback (with real sugar) that I put into one of those stainless steel water bottles. I'm sitting at work talking to my fellow desk worker and go to take a sip of the good stuff. Not realizing how low the contents actually were, I of course tip it real far back spilling it in my hair, on my lap, on my work shirt and my white shirt underneath. Really?! We laughed hysterically over the whole incident. After I gained some composure I had to soak up a rag and wet myself even more...ok, that sounded bad.

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