Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Spidey

This is Spidey. My spider plant that I have had for about 4 years now. I started growing it in a shoe but eventually it got too big and needed a larger pot.  As Spider plants grow they also reproduce little plantlets (as you can see a few hanging down).  Since Spidey already has these and I have no need or want for them when another branch starts sprouting for the plantlets I would break it off and throw it away.  This made Kat quite upset, she didn't like it and claimed it was like plant abortion. She'd try poking the suckers back in soil.  But I'd just go back when she wasn't around and break them up and throw them away and hide them in the garbage.
Well, as you can see Spidey has once again needed re-potting for some time now.  I finally took on this task on my day off Tuesday.  I needed more pots and some potting soil, so I had to go to Menards, which is real annoying, I hate it when I decide I need stuff from there on my day off. But I went and got my supplies and took on my re-potting project.
The roots were just ridiculous and very root bound. I split the main plant into two and gave them each a large pot and put the three babies in their own little pots.
Check out the roots on that thing!
 Now I have a whole little Spidey family, but the problem is which one gets to keep the original name of Spidey since he was split in two?

I really am content with just one spider plant the other four are up for grabs. Hint hint clue anyone in RF reading this.

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  1. I just snapped off all of our babies and put them in water to get the roots going. Mom is going to plant them in coffee mugs and take them down to sell at Michelle's garage sale next week, maybe you should send them along too.