Monday, April 18, 2011


When I asked my friend Melissa for an o word to blog about she came up with over can be followed by another word such as oversleep.

So I have to share my recent oversleeping story with you.  A few weeks ago I had closed at work (til 10 pm) on Tuesday then had to be back at 8 am on Wednesday. Well I went home showered, set the alarm for 6:57 am, and went right to bed.  But I couldn't fall asleep.  This is a problem for me sometimes.  So I was awake until like 4am.  Then I woke up and looked at my clock. It was 8:04, I thought well gee, my alarm should have gone off  like 5 minutes ago, I must have just shut it off.  oh well it will go off again.  Well 8:20 rolls around and I look at the clock and I think oh shoot its 8:20 I'm suppose to be at work. I heard music and thought it must have been my radio cause of my alarm but then I realized it was my phone, work calling telling me to get my butt to work.  I got up, got dressed and headed to work, punched in 45 minuets late.
Well then the following Sunday I was suppose to work (filling in for a co-worker on my weekend off) at 7:30 am. The alarm went off as scheduled at 6:57 again.  Naturally I snoozed it, then got up and looked at the clock its 7:25. Whoops. Twice within a week.  Got to work twenty minuets late, but my manager said being late was just a good way of filling in for the guy I was working for.

In other news we are Overjoyed to have a new washing machine! It's actually pretty nice. I finally did my laundry, it was getting pretty bad in my room.

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