Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Since Joy Isn't Saying Anything....

It seems like only yesterday that Joy and I moved into our place. We were barely settled in when cops came pounding on our door, or when Thanksgiving morning we received a turkey dinner and all the trimmings on our door step. I thought things were finally starting to slow down. Guess again. Last week I was in the kitchen when I see a car pull in our driveway. He rings the doorbell and asks for Melissa (one of our many former tenants). I told him that she no longer lived here. That should have been enough, but no. He wanted to know how long she'd been gone. I wanted to say, geez she stopped sending me letters ages ago. Really? We moved in here at the end of August so she's long gone. No, I don't know where she moved. He politely thanked me and left....so I thought. About 10 seconds later the doorbell rings again. Now he wants to know if she has a husband. Oh, his name is Paul, I was maid of honor in their wedding. Just kidding!! I didn't say all that, but it was tempting I'm not going to lie.

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