Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm a Hazard to Myself

I ordinarily think of myself as being put together and organized. Lately I feel like a scatter brain at times. I'm not sure if I'm still trying to adjust to being back to juggling classes, work, and a social life, or maybe I have a major case of senioritis. No matter what my deal is I'm afraid for Joy's sake that one day she'll come home and something catastrophic happened. Let me explain.
One day I had a little pot of water on one burner and a frying pan sitting on the one behind it. I wanted to heat up the water for tea or something before I had to leave for class or work. So, I crank up the burner with the water on it (or so I thought) and went into the bathroom. I hear Joy come up from the basement and say, "Oh, Katrin...." I scorched a frying pan instead of heating up my water. Who doesn't turn on the wrong burner sometimes though, right?
Then, there are the times where I just take a risk while trying to accomplish an ordinary task. This weekend I cleaned, no scrubbed the bathroom clean. This is how adventurous I am on the weekends. Well, our shower has those sliding doors with the metal tracks to keep the doors in place. I just cleaned the tub so it was all wet. I look up and notice the mold forming on the edges of the ceiling. That has got to go. So, naturally I step on the wet metal track barefoot and all while I reach on my tippy-toes trying to get the mold with a sponge. I could have potentially fallen and seriously injured myself, but it was a success. No harm no foul - this time.
Now, to make matters worse I like to burn candles in my room. It smells really nice and helps relax me. I had one sitting on my night table on the other side of my bed, but I figured at the rate I was going it wasn't the wisest choice to have an open flame next to my flammable bedding. Now it sits on top of my TV. The candle was getting really low and I thought I would just let it burn out until I went to sleep. Pretty much the thought of me blowing it out ended as I passed out watching the TV. Yup, I woke up in the morning and realized I fell asleep with the candle burning. Good news was I used up the candle and the house was still intact.

Poor Joy. I'm wondering if she falls asleep at night wondering what catastrophe I might cause during the night. Or maybe she just wakes up feeling grateful to be alive. Yeah, that's it....I bring out the best in people!


  1. when Kat says "Who doesn't turn on the wrong burner sometimes though, right?" she does it more than anyone I have ever known!

  2. Wow, you live dangerously! We actually burned a hole through a tv once by letting a candle sit on top of it too long. Remember that Joy?

    And also, look! You have more followers now!How fun!

    Don't worry Kat, Joy survived in our family, and we're the ones that exploded a cast iron frying pan, melted a hole in the top of a tv, and just generally lived in chaos. I'm sure she's perfectly safe with you.