Friday, March 11, 2011

I guess since it's been 2 1/2 months...

I guess I just haven't had much in my life recently that felt blog worthy.  So sorry to anyone who has been looking for anything.
The other night Tiffy and I made plans to hit up the town, first to see the move Rango since it was at the cheap theater and then to karaoke. Kat even came out for a few drinks. On a school night! (thats a pretty big deal for her) It was a pretty fantastice time. We started with a few drinks at good ol' Mel's (where Melissa showed up as well) then off to the corner to sing a few.  After singing and enjoying a few $1 rail drinks Tiff and I headed back to Mels (the school irls had to get home to bed). As it was getting about closing time we were getting ready to go home but then a great song (I don't remember which one) and naturally I NEEDED to dance... on a table.  But they said you cant dance on the table... (so I was like okay and was getting down)...but you can dance on the bar. And so I pulled Tiffany up to the bar and we danced.
Other than that my life hasn't been real exciting I mostly sleep, work, and am currently reading Breaking Dawn. I'm not real into the Twilight series, but everyone else was all about them so I gave them a try. They are no Harry Potter though. Which is what I intend to (re)read next. To get ready for the final movie in July. I can't wait!
So I guess thats all I really have to say for today hopefully I'll have something more exciting and blogworthy soon.

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