Friday, March 18, 2011

What To Do On A Sunday Night?

Last Sunday was mostly like another other. Joy and I played some Wii, I complained I was bored, Joy told me to stop complaining. Like I said, the usual. Except it was the start of spring break for me so no classes this week. Since Joy picked the Wii game we were going to play apparently it was up to me to decide our next activity. I said we should flip a coin and started rattling out our options: 1) Play Wii (Mario), 2) Play Board Games, 3) Watch Movies, 4) Go Out, 5) Joy Meets a Boy, and 6) Roll Again. Clearly, there were too many options for coin. Joy said, "Hey, don't you have dice on your phone?" Sure enough I do. No, I didn't buy it. For some odd reason it came on my phone. Joy goes into the bathroom and of course I don't leave her in peace. From outside the door I ask her if she wants the green dice or the orange one. We decide to use both and have a top two kind of strategy. Well, fun for me was that "Joy Meets a Boy" won. So, technically going out was on there twice. Joy swears I must have wanted to go out, but I don't know. It really doesn't take much convincing her anyway. We shook the dice to decide our first bar too and we were out the door and on our way.
We head to Bo's for a couple of drinks. We mainly sat there playing trivia and people watching like creepers. But really, what else is there to do at the bars on a Sunday night during spring break? I pretty much dominated Joy at trivia we got bored and left for Mel's. We only had one there, partially because we were the only two people there besides for the bartender and the regular who practically lives there. We moved on passed several bars because peeking inside there was no one there or much older people. We heard music coming from Shooter's so we headed there. There were a few people so we sat down and had a drink. I should mention there was this special kinda creeper at Bo's who hits on everyone. He happened to show up later but we'll get to that part of the adventure shortly. It was getting late and we were slightly bored. Shooter (the owner) told us to play some music. Joy said, "Well, unless you want to buy us another drink we were gonna bounce." So, he bought us another drink and gave us money to play some songs on the Juke Box. Score. It took us quite a while to pick songs, the creeper showed up, and Shooter left. Oh well. We were enjoying our drinks and chatting when the bartender poured us some shots. I immediately knew what it was - Goldschlager. Yuck! Whatever, it's a free drink. Some obviously wasted woman sat next to me. Thank God she had enough brain cells left to have water. It was especially annoying because she kept leaning towards us trying to hear out conversation and kept laughing at what we were talking about. Ohh, drunk people. Creeper showed up again and after saying Joy needed another drink he bought us more of the good (awful) stuff. I didn't want it so we shared it. Creeper was wasted and obnoxious. We got rid of him fast. As if Joy telling him several times that this was an A and B conversation and C needed to butt out wasn't enough for him to get the picture. It was still a fun night of roommate mayhem out on the town. Good times!

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