Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh yeah... that Blog thing Kat and I used to do...

Well it's not like I have completely forgotten this thing existed, it's just that I haven't had any bloggable moments that fit in our room mate/ living situation theme.  Or any exciting things to share with the world in general. But I guess I have some time today for general life updates.

Firstly, like Kat for lent, I have quit Facebook. Last week on my day off I was working on a job application and I would get bored and just go to Facebook to see what was new on there. Of course nothings new though, its only been 15 minutes since I was last on. But alas there I am clicking around looking at people's lives instead of applying for jobs and getting on with my own.  So I decided (well I've known for a while I didn't just decide this) that it is pathetic that I can't get through a job application/ cover letter/ resume without looking at Facebook multiple times. I also just spend too much time on there in general. And for a couple other personal reasons I don't really want to admit to the world, I deactivated my account for a while. When I did it I told myself one month.  I'll be really proud if I make it 2 weeks, but still happy with myself if I make it a week!  And hey now I'm taking time to blog when I probably would have otherwise been on FB!

Next, as you can see above I'm still on the job hunt. It sucks going to school for something then deciding you no longer desire to do that. However, I am starting in a new department at Menards tomorrow.  After four tiring years in the receiving department I have decided enough is enough and I'm moving to the Building Materials department.  I'm pretty excited to have a change in my life and learn something new, even though it means a 50 cent pay cut, since I won't get paid to drive a forklift any more. But I plan to work more hours and I can also earn spifs for selling things.  Everyone at work tells me "ya know, you have to wear a collared shirt and look professional" (in receiving we can wear Menards T-Shirts and that's about all I've worn in the last 2 or 3 months).  Uh yeah people, I know!  I think they are unaware that underneath the baggy blue t-shirts and ratty jeans, beyond all the sweat and dirt, is a girl, one who used to dress professionally to teach everyday!  I'm actually quite excited about that part.  I can wear nicer clothes because I won't be getting filthy everyday and won't be sweating as much (hopefully), I can wear a regular bra instead of sports bra, and I may even wear my hair down once in a while. In four years in Receiving I wore my hair down for an entire shift once, its safe to say I got paid to do a whole lot of nothing that day. Sure, I'll miss some things and may a few people in receiving, but I definitely won't miss other people or parts of the job.  I'm certainly ready for something new, and since nothing outside of Menards is working out, hopefully this will, at least for a while.

Now I would just like to vent for a bit about today's adventure...Shopping for jeans.
I'll start by saying GRRR!  To start off with, I'm very picky about jeans.  I don't like stupid super faded jeans, a little fade I can deal with (mainly cause you have to these days), and I absolutely don't do holey jeans, I'm pretty good at wearing holes into my jeans all on my own, why the F would I buy them that way? Also jeans are all so dang dark! What's so wrong with just a medium blue color? And I really like light colored jeans. Light colored jeans are apparently impossible to find for under $70 and guess who doesn't have 70 bucks for one pair of jeans, This Girl! Then there's skinny jeans (which I'm sorry to any skinny jean fans but they are stupid, ugly, and don't look good on anyone), straight leg (mom jeans), flare, and boot cut (what I'm looking for).  And what ever happened to making jeans out of denim. REAL STURDY DENIM, ya know the kind where you can actually see and feel the grain, not this stretchy painted blue crap that I could rip with my bare hands, I want jeans that are going to last me a while.
So firstly, I have to find jeans in my price range, in a style that I like. A task in itself.  Then by the time I find some I'm willing to try on, I'm picking out all the wrong sizes cause evidently I've lost some weight since I last went shopping for jeans (I don't even know how many years), and every brand is different, and I'm looking in both junior sizes (which are generally odd) and misses (even), and so it's all just very confusing.  Plus I'm short, so it's nice when brands have short, medium/average, and long options, but not everyone does, or if they do, they are out of short.  Then I liked a pair but they didn't have my size on the shelf, luckily the manican was wearing them, except for I probably needed the short version and ended up with average, but I think they'll be okay once I have shoes on or I'll just chop them off. And I found another pair that I really liked, not too dark or overly faded. Well I ended up spending a bit more than I wanted, but I must have been in and out of at least 25 pairs of jeans at 6 different stores today and I was getting frustrated and hungry so I'm just happy I finally found some.

Also, I just want to share a blog site that I have been enjoying lately thoughtcatalog.com it's a site with a buch of different people blogging.  So for any of you out there that just enjoy reading blogs, there are some pretty funny ones, and some more serious but still good reads. Kat, I think you may personally enjoy this one A Tour of Sex Questions on OKCupid

Well I guess that's all I have to share today.  From what I understand Kat has a new place and new roomie again, maybe she has roomie stories she should be sharing with us...or perhaps we need to find another challenge like the A-Z one we did.

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