Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's Sum This Up!

Look at Joy go blogging up a storm. That was some entry! Let's hand out a gold star for actually utilizing our blog!

I guess I have a few things to share since it's been so incredibly long since I've written a thing. I'm going to do a quick list and maybe expand on them later. My break is about to end at work so here goes.

  1. I still work at the same job. The people are nice and I get to wear dress clothes every day. 
  2. I now live in St. Paul. I love it!
  3. I also have a new roommate and not the same one that Joy met.We used to work together at the University Center back in college and it's going pretty great.
  4. I'm back in school! I plan to go for my Master's in Clinical Social Work next year so I'm taking pre-req courses right now.
  5. I'm seeing a guy I met from my work last year. He's an engineer, so I'm a lot dumber but prettier.
  6. I've learned an awful lot about being an adult. Such as how to handle insurance and write letters of dispute to clinics who charge you for tests you declined initially. Fun right?
  7. If you bug your new landlord that your dish washer sucks, he will assume you are a dumb blonde and instruct you that there's an "ON" button for the heat dry option. Then you will get a new one when you demand it. Sweet!
  8. I'm now the group leader for my volunteer group with Free Arts Minnesota. I basically make art projects with little kids and it's amazing!
  9. FACT: I only own a couple pairs of skinny jeans and I DO look good in them. 
  10. Soon I will write a story about the parking Nazi that lives in my building....soon.

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