Friday, February 17, 2012

Living Alone and without Joy

Thanks for that post about me Joy. It warmed my heart. I do agree about the smell of fish being stinky and funny you should mention that. I've only fried fish once in my place. The reason why is because of the smell. It wasn't so much the fish that stank, but rather the lingering smell of oil in my apartment.

There are some pros and cons to living on your own. Here are the top few that pop into my head.


  1. No one eats your food
  2. You can walk around naked
  3. No one hogs the bathroom
  4. There isn't anyone to scold you for being messy
  5. Everyone is just the way you like it 

  1. There's never dinner on the table waiting for you when you get home
  2. You can't tell your guests that the mess is actually from your roommate
  3. You can't eat your roommate's food when hungry
  4. Conversations with yourself become normal
  5. You can't blame your belches on the the pit bull

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