Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome to Minneapolis

For those of you who aren't aware I've been living in Minneapolis now for a first week and half. It's been an adventure so far to say the least. In this short time I've already met many new and wonderful people, started attending a great church, and have been trying extra hard to learn street names (refer to previous posts on my need to learn direction). Here's a simple breakdown of the past 11 days of my life.

1) People: It's been hard adjusting to life in the big city. I'm grateful for all of the new people I've met and truely hope to develop all of the relationships I've made so far. Everyone has been a blessing despite the curves life continues to throw my direction.
2) Places: There are an overwhelming amount of beautiful places to see. There's always something to do here and for my reforming hermit self, this is a good thing.
3) Apartment Life: From the get go moving into my apartment was a hassle. Prepare for some complaining. Moving over Labor Day weekend is probably the worst weekend to move. When you are finally able to locate that checkin list burried underneath boxes and piles of stuff, you'll probably learn the office is closed. You'll be left with no working stove, a clogged bathroom sink, no smoke detector (but hey you don't have a stove. You're in the clear), and bedroom blinds that don't work. All of this is quite an overwhelming feeling. Especially considering I picked a 3rd story apartment because I ran out of energy to keep looking. However, I'm thankful I have a relatively nice and roomie place to live. It's comfortable and safe. Now, I just have to adjust to hearing noises all night. Maybe after a month I'll be able to sleep through the night? Lord willing...
4) Work: Work is going well. Having a 40 hour a week working lifestyle also takes some getting used to. I'm very thankful for having a decent paying job as a recent graduate. But I know it's not something I want to do with my life forever.

In a nutshell life is goodish. The journey has been and always will be filled with ups and downs. Each experience is shaping the person I'm becoming through the good and the bad. I try my best to remain strong and trust that God has a plan for me. There's no need to race through it or push our circumstances. Instead, I prefer to enjoy the crazy rollercoaster day by day.

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