Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't Worry we Survived Moving

We are moved out and on our own!  Now that we are no longer roomies, I guess we'll just have to share our independent living adventures.

Yeah, it's been a while. But really I had nothing new to share.  My life basically consisted of working and job hunting.  For the last week it has been work, moving, and sleeping.  The move only took me about 7 trips in my station wagon in two days (I could have done it in one but I also had plans to go to the State Fair).  I finally was able to get some major unpacking done the last two days (after only living here 4 days).  My place is finally coming together but I still have plenty of work to do.  It sure was nice when I just went away for a weekend last time and came back to the whole place set up.  Where is Kat when I need her?

I finally got my internet set up this morning. Stupid Comcast.  I called to have everything transferred and they told me I would just need to bring the equipment with me and set it up and they would be able to just turn it on from outside.  Well they were wrong when I finally set it up Tuesday evening it didn't work.  So they had to send someone out this morning.

My new place is pretty nice. I could use more storage, like a coat closet maybe, but otherwise it is suiting me just fine.  The key to my apartment is a little tricky though.  I struggle with normally, so I was a little weary of how it would go after being downtown.  Well Monday night I went out and came back and unlocked the door on the first try, no struggle at all. But just about every time since then I struggle.  And last night I'm pretty sure I heard someone snoring, talk about thin walls! But really that's it, no more complaints, it's a nice apartment.

Side story: Last week my friend Tiffany and I went to the Minnesota state fair after a long hard day of moving.  We decided to sit down for some ice cream and people watching.  While we were sitting there Tiffany spots a little girl (I'd guess about 3) and says I hope she is wearing something under her shirt or dress whichever that is. It was short for a dress but a long shirt. So I'm watching this little girl (and yes she had shorts on) and see she is holding herself so I says to Tiffany, "she needs to pee" and Tiffany looks and says "oh yeah she does, she's gunna end up going right there" about 4-5 minutes later we look over to see a puddle under her and her mom trying to clean off her shoe.  Poor little girl.  Moral of the story parents: pay attention when your child needs to pee.

Otherwise no real exciting stories to share. I'll try to lead a more exciting life so I have more to share.
~ Joy

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