Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here's My News

Well, I'm gradutated! Finally, it's only taken 5 years. I've graduated with a degree in Sociology. I just wanted to thank God, my family, and friends for helping me through this. In other news, Joy and I just took our Wii fitness test tonight: I am 80. Joy 39. Yup, for once, she is better than me at something. What a small world? jk....ok...she is wayyy better at drinking. "I don't know about way" - Joy


  1. Congratulations on graduating. I considered going back to school to study Sociology but could not figure out how to get up the time and finances to do so, since I didn't want any loans. I'll stick with my Sciences and just call it a day, lol. However, I loved my sociology classes and wish that I had more of them so that is what sparked my interest in it.

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  2. It's nice when someone actually knows what Sociology is! I too loved the classes and topics that could be studied.