Wednesday, July 8, 2015

And now it's time for the rest of the story!

Yeah, 7 months later let me tell you about the termination of not only the rodents :) but my car :( as well.
I had been covering those traps in peanut butter and they just kept getting licked clean without catching anything. It was the night before Thanksgiving, I was standing at my kitchen sink when a mother truckin mouse scurried across my foot!! YUCK! He ran through the living room and under the sofa. Which leads me to believe I was right they were likely coming in through the heat which is right along the wall next to my sofa.
That did it! It was time to get serious, it was time to bring in Ronald. Ronald is my friends cat, well kinda his cat. He used to be a stray, now he's part time stray, part time apartment cat, part time bar patron (my friend is a bartender who lives above the bar, Ronald is friends with the owner and all the regulars/employees). So I was leaving to go home for Thanksgiving the next day and on my home I would stop in River Falls to pick up Ronald.
I brought Ronald in and after a few days it seemed his work was done. I hadn't actually seen a dead mouse but I hadn't seen any evidence of mice and I figured he'd either eaten it or at least scared it off pretty good.
I decided it was time Ronald went home. He was ready to go home and I was sick of his kitty litter (Just one of many reasons, I'm not really a cat fan). So I packed up him and his things and we were on our way. As we were driving down the road, the road I live on about 1 1/2 miles away I was adjusting my rear view mirror when....BAM! I rear ended the car in front of me. They hit the car in front of them. They hit the car in front of them. No, that wasn't a typo. I just took out three cars! ( the front one was minor hit/damage). So yeah... Ronald didn't make it home that day. He had to hang out a few more days until his owner came to get him.
As for my car, the insurance company totaled it :( I loved my car, I had only had it just over a year too. And the icing on the cake? One week prior to the accident I spent $500 putting brand new tires on it.
Do you see the damage stupid mice can cause? I had to buy a new car all because of them! But, silver lining... insurance covered the cost of the car and I actually bought one a little cheaper in order to lower my monthly car payment plus it worked out so I could get a bigger vehicle that would better fit the Great Dane I was getting next month!
Yup, I have a great Dane now! So I have a "room mate" again and he is awesome! I've considered starting a new blog just to talk about him. I might just do that one of these days...

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  1. Ow those ARE some expensive mice. I'm glad it worked out int the end, though. :-)